What is SEO Filter ?

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SEO Filter Overview
SEO Filter is a flexible and extendable SEO Frankston – Search Engine Optimization Software for
forums and content management systems licensed under dual license GPL and a commercial one.
How does it work ?
SEO Filter optimizes the content of forum software and makes its links SEO friendly. Therefore attracting more search engines to your forum.

SEO Filter Process

Converts dynamic links into search engine friendly ones.
Generates keyword rich links.
Removes session id from links.
Transfers numeric ids (stealth method) as chars (id-0 => id-1)
Permanent redirect for pages (301) to avoid duplicate content penalty.
Clears stop/common words from links
Fixes titles to contain only current page’s title
Option to add keywords an description meta tags
Can have title and description multiple times (see misc)
Created link for categories (index.php?c=1 -> somecat…html)
Optimizes paging links (e.g.. Page 1, 2 ,3)
Optimizes previous/next post
Optimizes “last post” to point to the real link (phpbb2 module)
Removes parameters from the link that can have default value like
(postdays=0 or postorder=asc)
Aliases of forum files (viewforum => forum, viewtopic => topic)

The best part is that there is no need to hack forum’s source code (if mod_rewrite is available).
for more information consult the documentation of SEO Filter which is included in the downloadable packages.

Currently, phpbb2 module is available.

Open Source GPL
SEO Filter is available under the GNU GPL version 3 (General Public License) and under our own Commercial License.
Under the GPL, anyone is at liberty to freely use and distribute SEO Filter provided they abide by the terms of the GPL.
It is a requirement that the authors of SEO Filter are given credit for producing the software. This requires that any site owner who is installing or running SEO Filter should leave the hyperlink to http://seofilter.org in the footer of each site they produce or operate. This link should not be modified and be entitled “Powered by SEO Filter”. Credit given to SEO Filter in this way helps support our efforts to offer SEO Filter as a free system.

Commercial License
If a user purchases a SEO Filter Commercial License, SEO Filter may be operated free of the GPL and without needing this credit. However, other Commercial License terms apply and SEO Filter may not be redistributed.
There is a Single-site Commercial License which allows SEO Filter to be used on a single site (website or extranet), on a single URI address or Multi-site Commercial license should be purchased.
Under a Commercial License, SEO Filter is still available in open source form, so that developers may still modify the SEO Filter code for their own needs.